The first 2 Books in the World related to Quality 4.0

Message from Professor Mohamed Zairi

There are lots of reasons for legitimizing the embarkation of a new vessel which will guide the Quality Profession towards new heights, a new revolution and new methods of impacting with ‘fit for the new digital oriented purpose’ as a goal. 
My two latest books entitled: 
Deep in Crisis – The Uncertain Future of the Quality Profession and 
Super Excellence – The path to Sustainable Superior Performance(available through Amazon Kindle or from


The Uncertain Future of the Quality Profession
The “Deep In Crisis” book describes the malaise that currently exists in the Quality Profession and examines in a rigorous way the emerging challenges, the characteristics of the new global business world greatly facilitated by the digital revolution.


The path to Sustainable Superior Performance
The “Super Excellence” title provides a rich menu of solutions and ideas on how to drive excellence in its new meaning in the context of the digital revolution and how to pave the way for a path that can lead to sustainable superior performance.


One look at the contents of your book, and it’s clear that it is the result of sustained work over a long period. The concerns you raise are in various stage of manifestation in all of us, but we have been, like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, telling ourselves “I will think about it tomorrow

N. Ramanathan

Academician of IAQ, Bangalore, India

I completely agree with your opinion that we, as quality profession, should be ready to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution which is coming now with rapid speed.

Sung Hyun Park

Academician of IAQ, Seoul, Korea

Thank you very much indeed for honoring me with your latest great and remarkable book. “DEEP IN CRISIS, The Uncertain Future of the Quality Profession.” You touched a very vital issue, as far as IAQ Vision and mission is concerned and a very vibrant note as far as life and business is concerned in general. I am greatly impressed by the intelligently crafted questions you raised which require thoughtful and deep answers.

Hesam Aref Kashfi

Corresponding Members of IAQ, Tehran, Iran

Please accept my congratulations for your book. Thank you very much for sharing this pre-publication information about your forthcoming book. Yes there is crisis in the quality profession. We have been spending a great deal of time to find ways for the promotion and development of quality all over the world.

Tang Xiaofeng

Companion of IAQ, President of Shanghai Association for Quality

Professor Zairi you are a King Lion in the global jungle of Quality and business Improvement. Your teachings and strategies are continually helping countless organizations around the World. You are the current Global Dr. Juran for us.Your books always bring heaps of goodies for everyone and add value to all of us. Congratulations and continue to educate the world of business excellence.

Mr Shan Ruprai JM

Chairman Australian Institute of Business Improvement Director General ICCQC Hon President APQO Past Chairman AOQ Australian Head Compliance, WHSEQR COLAS Australia Group


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